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Moomin "Save Our Sea" No. 1 - Gold Leaf Glass Art

Moomin "Save Our Sea" No. 1 - Gold Leaf Glass Art

4.000,00 kr

Licensed Moomin glass art for #OurSea charity campaign. Completely hand made by Oslo Skiltmaler. Painted and gilded with real 23 carat gold and 12 carat white gold over translucent enamel. All done in reverse on glass, numbered and signed. Framed and ready to hang.

50% of the income from our "Save Our Sea" Moomin glass art will be donated for the 2020 Moomin Charity Campaign that aims to raise money for the Baltic Sea and awareness about its condition.

The Moomins and the John Nurminen Foundation will start a one-year fund raising campaign to save the Baltic Sea. Help the Moomins and the John Nurminen Foundation to clean #oursea. By donating as little as 10 € you can improve the condition of the sea and remove approximately 50 kilos of blue-green algae. You can join the fundraising either by donating directly to the campaign on the campaign website or by purchasing a Moomin product that is marked with the #oursea symbol.

About our Moomin Glass Art for the #OurSea Campaign:

  • It's 100% hand made!
  • Real gold leaf, 23 carat + 12 carat white gold on 4 mm glass!
  • Numbered and signed by the artist. Only 5 pieces of each design!
  • Measures approx. 44 x 32 cm and 2 cm thick.
  • Dark brown frame with a hanging element to hang on your wall.

We made three different #OurSea Moomin designs! This is the biggest one, with Moomin and Sniff floating in water. Everything is hand painted in reverse on glass. The sunny sky is gilded with real 23 carat gold leaf with a mirror finish, while the water is a mix of 12 carat white gold laid over translucent blue with regular paint.

Each piece is numbered and signed. This Moomin Gold glass piece series is one of our three products for the #OurSea campaign, with the series named A03. Only 5 pieces made total in this series.

IMPORTANT! NUMBER 2 in this series has a different finish than the rest of the pieces in the translucent blue coloured areas. The blue is much lighter and has a somewhat "spotted" quality to it. Please see pictures where number 2 is marked.

The number you get is chosen at random. Feel free to send us a comment to your order with a number you would like and if we have it in stock, we will send it to you!

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